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Bringing The Peacemaker Home!

We were all very pleased over the festive period, when our copy of ‘Bringing The Peacemaker Home ‘ sold to a relative of a family that lived adjacent to Bassingbourn airfield.  The Peacemaker was photographed during the war with a member of the family and the print was bought as a surprise present.  We also manged to source some colour photos, showing the occasion when the family member was pictured alongside the aircraft, and managed to get these professionally enhanced and presented to the family also.  Great way to end 2017 with the Peacemaker print going home!

Gallery Opening Times

Just a short reminder that the gallery will be closed this coming Sunday (31st December). We shall be open from the following Sunday (07th January) at the normal times.
On behalf of us all at Merlin, we’d like to wish you all a safe and healthy 2018.


by Robert Taylor


14 January 1945; and the war was not going well for Germany. The noose was tightening as American, British and Canadian armies, having broken out from their Normandy landings seven months earlier, stood on the banks of the Rhine. In the east vast numbers of Russians were driving relentlessly towards Berlin. On their bomb-cratered airfields the Luftwaffe prepared for the final onslaught during the Defense of the Reich.

Despite the shock of Operation Bodenplatte on New Year’s Eve – the Luftwaffe’s unexpected yet unsuccessful attempt to wipe out the Allied air forces on their advanced airfields in the Low Countries – Germany had all but surrendered air superiority to the Allies. Today, therefore, was yet another gamble as they assembled some 200 fighters to counter nearly 900 Eighth Air Force bombers, and almost as many fighter escorts, tasked with destroying oil refineries, storage depots and other strategic targets in central Germany. For the Luftwaffe the day was to end in retreat and disaster; they lost 161 fighters, the highest number ever recorded. Never again would the once mighty Jagdverbänd rise in strength to challenge the Mighty Eighth.

Few artists can capture the ferocity of an aerial battle with the skill and ability of Robert Taylor, and this breath-taking painting will undoubtedly rank as one of the pinnacles in his long and distinguished career. He captures a moment during that massive aerial battle in January 1945 near Ludwigslust in northern Germany, as enemy fighters from JG300 and JG301 make a head-on attack through a close formation of B-17s from the 390th Bomb Group who are heading to bomb Magdeburg. But their ever-vigilant P-51 escorts are aware of the threat and quickly engage the enemy with devastating results.

In the centre of the action Flt Lt Joe Peterburs of the 20th Fighter Group screams past the Bf109G of Lt Bruno Klostermann from II./JG300 who is attempting to penetrate the bomber formation. Peterburs claimed an Fw190 during the battle, Klostermann, however, will not survive the day.

Overall Print Size: 32 ¼” wide x 24” high
Image Size: 25 ¾” wide x 16 ½” high

For more information on the editions available click on this link

Home at Dusk

Latest framed item is a copy of Robert Taylor’s ‘Home at Dusk’, depicting the 339th Fighter Group’s P-51’s flying home to their base at Fowlmere. This seasonally themed print is always sought after and long sold out at the publishers. This copy is available for a very reasonably priced £545 (framed).

New Artists

We are pleased to announce that our online store now carries work by Harri Harrison and Wade Meyers.  Both of these hugely talented artists add significantly to our products and provide us with many opportunities to showcase their enviable talents.  We shall be expanding the artwork available from both artists in the near future, so watch out for more news on additional original art.

Bespoke original art!

We are fast getting a deserved reputation as original art specialists. This latest Richard Taylor commission has been collected by a very happy customer, and includes his Father and dog!
If you would like to commission a bespoke piece of art, then we have a number of hugely talented artists that can produce artwork to a theme, or of a particular subject.
Contact us to discuss your requirements on +44 (0)1223 751545 or use the contact form on the Get in Touch page.

White Lightning

We have been very fortunate to have secured another copy of the much sought after print, ‘White Lightning’ by Philip E. West. We have had many enquiries about copies of this particular print, and are pleased that we have sourced a pristine framed copy.

The English winter of 1943/44 was a tough time for many Americans. Having arrived during April 1943, at a picturesque Station 131 Nuthampstead , Hertfordshire , they soon learned about the vagaries of the sometimes inhospitable British climate. As though the struggle with engine problems on the P-38 Lightnings were not enough , the ground crews had to cope with atrocious cold and damp dawns in order to prepare aircraft for the almost daily escort missions. Today, however, whilst other airfields further towards the coast are clearing fast, the 55th Fighter Group is firmly grounded.   As the prospect of today’s inactivity dawns on the tired and cold ground crew – young men grown old before their time by the demands of war – schoolboy mischief is revived as the first snowball fight is initiated.

Signed by the artist Phillip West.

Priced @ £145.00

New Release

We are pleased to announce that the latest Richard Taylor painting is available through Merlin Aviation Art.

by Richard Taylor


Of the 125,000 men who served in Bomber Command, 55,573 made the ultimate sacrifice.  The aircraft that many of these airmen flew from 1942 onwards was the legendary Avro Lancaster, known as the backbone of Bomber Command. It was probably the greatest heavy bomber of World War II and Sir Arthur Harris, Commander in Chief of RAF Bomber Command, believed that the Lancaster, powered by its four mighty Merlin engines, was ‘the greatest single factor in winning the war’. “Without your genius and efforts” he wrote of the Lancaster crews, “we could not have prevailed”.

It is therefore fitting that Richard Taylor has chosen the Lancaster in his moving limited edition, to represent all those who served with Bomber Command during World War II. Depicted are the aircraft of 106 Squadron whose motto Pro Libertate – ‘For Freedom’ – not only gives title to the painting, but perhaps symbolises the driving force behind so many of these brave young men who faced such daunting odds.

Overall print size: 19¼” wide x 16¼” high
Image Size: 14¼” wide x 9¾” high

With gear down, the Lancasters are on final approach to their Lincolnshire airfield after yet another perilous night-time mission over northern France during the summer of 1944. The bombers’ crews are, as ever, exhausted yet thankful to have survived and their spirits are lifted by the sight below. As the morning mist clears an expanse of glorious red poppies joyfully heralds their return, and welcomes another summer’s day – and another day of freedom.

Each print in every edition has been personally signed by the artist along with three highly-regarded RAF Bomber Command veterans:

Pilot on Lancasters with 617 Sqn

Rear Gunner on Lancasters with 626 Sqn

Wireless Operator on Lancasters with 576 Sqn

For Freedom is the second in a series commemorating the Allied forces during World War II. The first – Fields of Glory – was dedicated to RAF Fighter Command and signed by three highly-distinguished Battle of Britain veterans. This new edition is likely to be just as sought after and available in matching numbers while stocks last.
UK £85.00
Edition Size – 250

UK £125.00
Edition Size – 25

UK £395.00
Edition Size – 25

UK £625.00
Edition Size – 10

Purchase through our online shop.


We are very fortunate and excited to be able to offer more original pencil art via our UK Gallery. The latest stunning drawing is titled ‘WASP’ and is from the pencil of our good friend Steve Hale. It will shortly be available framed, and will be displayed matted with six original WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots) signatures. Biographies of the WASPs will be provided along with certification confirming the signature authenticity.

Ticket price on this original artwork is £295 (framed) and the drawing is available to view now at our Cambridgeshire gallery.

Lots more prints added to the online store!

We have been busy adding additional aviation art prints to the online store and will be adding more over the next week or so.  The store now includes additional works by Robert Taylor, Richard Taylor, Anthony Saunders & Steve Hale.  The next two weeks will also see us begin to stock works by more artists.  Announcements on this will be via this website and our Facebook page.