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New from Wade Meyers


6.75 x 14 inch, graphite on toned paper

It’s late 1944 and Captain John F. Coonan, Operations Officer of the 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group, waits in his assigned CG-Y with fellow pilots in their P-51 Mustangs for the “Go!” signal from the runway flagman.

This exquisite drawing from Wade Meyers showcases his renowned skill with this medium. His attention to detail and historically accurate portrayal sets him apart from many of his peers and makes his work highly collectable. We are delighted to be able to offer this original drawing exclusively through Merlin Aviation Art.

Please note that we can pass on the reduction in postal costs for US customers. If you would like to purchase this artwork from within the US, then please contact us first to discuss the adjusted figure.

Available to purchase now from our Online Store

A week to go!

For those fortunate to have a ticket for the Sold Out Airshow event at Duxford, we look forward to seeing you over the weekend. The line up of aircraft looks spectacular and it promises to be a good show.

As with previous airshow weekends, we are happy to take orders and bring them along to the show to avoid postage fees. Simply drop us a line via the Get in Touch page and we shall do our best to have your order available for you at Duxford.

New from Harri

We are delighted to share these two exquisite new drawings from Harri Harrison.  They will shortly be available to purchase via our online shop, having been professionally framed by our in-house team.  If you are interested in purchasing either drawing, then please contact us a.s.a.p. via the Contact page, or on 01223 751545.

Work in Progress from Wade Meyers

Merlin are delighted to be working again with renowned artist, Wade Meyers .  His latest vignette drawing depicts the 55th FG P-51’s taxiing along the Pierced Steel Planking runway, at the start of another mission over occupied Europe.  Wade’s original drawing will shortly be available through our online shop.

Given how collectable Wade’s work is, we don’t expect it to hang for too long in our Gallery!  If you are interested in this piece, then please contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.  Contact: or 01223 751545.

Top Bounce by Robert Taylor

Released on the 100th Anniversary of the RAF as a tribute to all those who flew the Spitfire, Robert Taylor’s stunning new painting is now available from us at Merlin Aviation Art.

For full details please visit our online store here

Alternatively, contact us on 01223 751545 and we’ll be glad to assist.

All set up at Duxford!

Merlin Aviation Art will be at Flying Legends this weekend, with additional stock and exciting new original art. We are also pleased to be able to host ‘Meet & Greet’ events for two of our talented artists, Marc Heaton & Steve Hale.
We are trading from tomorrow (Friday) through to close of Flying Legends on Sunday.
Looking forward to seeing new and familiar customers.

New artwork from Marc Heaton

We are very pleased to be able to offer the latest painting from the brush of Marc Heaton.

‘A Contentious Claim’ is Marc’s latest work, faithfully depicting the moment Flt/Lt. Terrence Spencer, flying a Spitfire Mk XII of 41 SQN,  shot down the German ace Gruppenkommandeur Emil Lang.  Maj. Darrell Cramer of the 55th Fighter Group, US States Army Air Force also claimed Lang as a ‘kill’, leaving historian’s with a mystery to solve.

Marc will be in our Marquee at Flying Legends and will be available to discuss his paintings with collectors.  If you are attending please come along.

More information on ‘A Contentious Claim’ here

Latest Richard Taylor release

by Richard Taylor


Operation Chastise – the famous attacks on the great dams of the Ruhr valley by the Lancasters of 617 Sqn are known as perhaps the most daring precision air raid in history. As a fitting tribute, Richard Taylor’s outstanding painting depicts the scene just a few hours before departure, on the afternoon of 16 May 1943 at RAF Scampton as the hardworking ground crews of 617 Squadron ready their Lancasters in preparation for the night’s raid.

In the foreground Lancaster AJ-T ‘Tommy’ is loaded with Barnes Wallis’ ingenious ‘Upkeep’ bouncing bomb which will later be called into use by Pilot Joe McCarthy. After their original aircraft AJ-Q ‘Queenie’ developed a last minute coolant leak McCarthy and his crew switched to Lancaster AJ-T which as a reserve aircraft was not fitted with the twin Aldis lamps needed to calculate the correct height; Bomb Aimer George ‘Johnny’ Johnson and the crew knew that once they reached the target the odds would be stacked against them. Nevertheless with dogged determination they finally got airborne at 22.01 hrs and headed for their target – the Sorpe Dam.

Overall print size: 24” wide x 12 ½” high

Each print is individually numbered and signed by the artist Richard Taylor.

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New Dambusters Release

by Robert Taylor

The world’s premier aviation artist commemorates the 75th Anniversary of the Dambusters Raid.

The aim was to destroy the great dams of western Germany. Many thought it mission impossible, but they underestimated the men of the newly-formed 617 Squadron – The Dambusters.

The story of RAF Bomber Command’s audacious attack on the great dams of western Germany continues to inspire long after the events that took place on the night of 16 / 17 May 1943 – and with good reason. Few wartime missions have replicated the skill, courage and bravery demonstrated that night and the Dambusters have rightly gained legendary status.

Robert Taylor’s dramatic work in graphite and paint – originally created as the working drawing for his acclaimed painting Three Good Bounces – depicts a moment during Flight Lieutenant Mick Martin’s attack on the Möhne Dam. With two attacks already made Martin, flying AJ-P, releases his Upkeep while Gibson in Lancaster AJ-G flies off his starboard beam in an attempt to draw some of the enemy flak. It was unsuccessful; his radio operator tapping out ‘Goner-5-8-A’ (the code for – ‘Special weapon released’) ‘exploded 50 yards from target’ – ‘no apparent breach’ – ‘target A’.

It would require two more attacks, from ‘Dinghy’ Young in AJ-A and David Maltby in AJ-J, before the weakened dam was finally breached, sending a tidal wave of water into the valley below. For Gibson it wasn’t over; he will lead the remaining crews to successfully breach the next target, the Eder dam.

Robert Taylor’s skill and artistry reflects his intimate and authentic knowledge of the events that took place on that epic, moonlit night in May 1943. Over the past four decades he has enjoyed the company of almost every man to survive Operation Chastise, has listened to their stories first-hand, and counted many of them as friends. The knowledge acquired, and the friendships gained have, without doubt, given Robert an unparalleled insight into the legendary Dambusters.

Overall print size: 26 ¾” wide x 17 ½” high

Full details on editions that are available, are on our online store here