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Work in Progress snap from Harri

Just received the latest ‘Work in Progress’ photos from our very talented artist, Harri Harrison. Just a sneek preview of one of the photos at this stage, but the original drawing will be available shortly. All of Harri’s work, including many new pieces, will shortly be available to view at our Cambridgeshire Gallery and at the first Duxford Airshow of the season in May.

New Luftwaffe Robert Taylor prints

We are pleased to be able to offer the latest prints, remarques and matted Collector’s editions of Robert Taylor’s ‘Desert Warrior’.

Previously unreleased, Desert Warrior was painted in 1986, a period of his career that included some of Robert’s most famous Luftwaffe pieces such as JG-52 (1986), Ace of Aces (1988), Swansong (1988), The Abbeville Boys (1989), Stuka (1990) and Gathering Storm (1990). Robert fittingly depicts a Bf109 from I./JG27 near their base in north-east Libya, a small dusty village near the coast called Ain el-Gazala, from which they were tasked to protect the Ju87 Stukas attacking the encircled British army in Tobruk, just 40 miles away.

Overall print size: 18″ wide x 13 ½” high

As with many of Robert’s early and long sold-out editions, the prints have been signed by an astonishing collection of Luftwaffe veterans which is now impossible to replicate. Included is the legendary Eduard Neumann himself, along with Aces who flew in combat with him in the Western Desert, creating a historic collector’s piece that is destined to become an instant classic.


Joining artist Robert Taylor in signing every print are four highly respected Luftwaffe Aces who flew Bf109s with JG27 in the desert:

Oberst EDUARD NEUMANN – 11 victories
Ambassador FRANZ ELLES – 5 victories
Generalmajor FRIEDRICH KÖRNER – 36 victories
Hauptmann FRITZ KELLER – 13 victories


Each signed print is issued conservation matted to include the original autographs of a further Luftwaffe Ace who flew in Africa during WWII:

Major ERICH RUDORFFER – 222 victories

Approx matted size: 21 ¼” wide x 19” high


With the serious collector in mind, these two very exclusive editions will include a hand-crafted original pencil drawing by Robert Taylor. Each exquisite remarque drawing will be individually created on a separate sheet of paper and delicately set into the conservation matting with all components of the Collector’s Edition to create a completely unique piece.

Limited to just fifteen copies worldwide plus ten DOUBLE remarques – with a much larger and even more elaborate drawing – collectors have the opportunity to acquire a highly sought after original work by the world’s most collected aviation artist.

Matted remarque sizes will vary.


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Nicolas Trudgian originals!

We are pleased to be able to offer two wonderful original Nicolas Trudgian original pencil drawings. Both are available to view at our Cambridgeshire gallery.

The Adolf Galland drawing comes with an original Adolf Galland signed paper.

£395 each + shipping

Contact us on +44 (0)1223 751545 or via

(Note: Watermarks not on original drawings!)

Unique Robert Taylor Luftwaffe print with very rare signatures!

We recently purchased a small number of very unique and valuable Robert Taylor framed pieces. Arguably the most exciting being this Specially Remarqued copy of Robert Taylor’s ‘Horrido!’. As well as a very large remarque, this print comes with an amazing 18 Luftwaffe signatures, including some very rare period signatures from Luftwaffe pilots that were lost in action.

The print comes professionally framed using conservation materials, and has full Certification from the Publishers.

The original signatures included are:

Leutnant HUGO BROCH KC (81 Victories)
Major HANS EKKEHARD BOB KC (60 Victories)
Leutnant NORBET HANNIG (42 Victories)
Feldwebel HERBERT KOLLER (49 Victories)
Generalleutnant GÜNTHER RALL KC with Oak Leaves, Swords & Diamonds (275 Victories)
Major ERIC RUDORFFER KC with Oak Leaves & Swords (222 Victories)
Oberleutnant WALTER SCHUCK KC with Oak Leaves (206 Victories)
Leutnant HERMANN SCHLEINHEGE KC (98 Victories)
Oberleutnant GÜNTHER SEEGER KC (56 Victories)
Oberleutnant WALTER WOLFRUM KC (137 Victories)
Major GERHARD BARKHORN KC with Oak Leaves & Swords (301 Victories)
Oberst ERICH HARTMANN KC with Oak Leaves, Swords & Diamonds (352 Victories)
Generalleutnant ADOLF GALLAND KC with Oak Leaves, Swords & Diamonds
General JOHANNES STEINHOFF KC with Oak Leaves, Swords (178 Victories)
Generalleutnant WALTER KRUPINSKI KC with Oak Leaves (197 Victories)
Oberst WERNER MÖLDERS KC KC with Oak Leaves & Diamonds (115 Victories)
Major WALTER NOWOTNY KC with Oak Leaves, Swords & Diamonds (258 Victories)
Major HELMUT WICK KC with Oak Leaves (56 Victories)

In total the signatories were responsible for over 2600 Victories!

Price is £3495 + shipping (this is a framed item so collection or delivery may be a better option)

Available to view at our gallery in Cambridgeshire by appointment only.  Contact us on +44(0) 1223 751545 or via email on


We have secured a mint copy of the hugely sought after JG-52 by Robert Taylor.  Often seen as the must have print from Robert’s extensive portfolio, this copy has been stored out of sunlight and has no issues.

Complete with Certificate of Authenticity from Publishers.

It has been professionally framed using conservation materials and is available at a very competitive £1795 (plus shipping).

Please mail us on, or contact us on +44 (0)1223 751545

Robert Taylor original art!

We are very pleased to be able to offer a Robert Taylor drawing for sale.

‘Eyes of the Pacific Fleet’ is a framed, original drawing with the signatures of naval aviators; Colonel Bill Edward, Lieutenant Commander Dick Best, Rear Admiral Scott McClusky, Captain Bob Elder, Rear Admiral Lewis Hopkins.

Professionally framed using conservation materials and comes with original Certificate of Authenticity.
Price is £2395 + postage

If you are interested in this original art, then please contact us via the Get In Touch page

Marc Heaton Original Art

One of our regular artists, Marc Heaton, in his studio. Marc’s latest Dambusters commission is already sold, but we have another canvas available:

‘A Contentious Claim’ shows Flt/Lt. Terrence Spencer flying a Spitfire Mk XII of 41 SQN, shooting down Gruppenkommandeur II./JG26 Emil Lang.
Acrylic paint on 8 1/2 oz cotton canvas stretched over a wooden frame.
£995 + postage

If you are interested in Marc’s work, then please contact us on +44 (0)1223 751545.