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Marc Heaton

marc heaton

Marc Heaton is a fine artist and new name to the aviation art industry. Marc Heaton lives with his wife, Christina, and family in Wigan near Manchester. Marc served in the armed forces for several years (14/20th Kings Hussars) as a tank crew member on both challenger and Chieftain tanks. Posting included Catterick, Munster, Berlin and also Operation Desert Storm 1990/91(1st Gulf War).

For many years Marc has been passionate about painting, producing numerous political portraits over the years, however his passion for aviation, in particular aviation art has always been of great interest to him.

He gained a 1st class honours degree in fine art at the University of Bolton in 2013.

Through his paintings Marc aims to draw out certain emotions that correlate with the sense of desperation experienced by those who served in our time of need.  With his unique contemporary style, Marc’s paintings showcase his extraordinary skill in depicting historic events.

Marc’s attention to detail mean he will often spend many hours researching every composition, to ensure that it is historically and technically correct in every detail.   It is this historical accuracy and his ability in bringing to life events in rich sepia tones that set him apart from many artists in this genre.

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