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by Graeme Lothian

This is an excellent & rare Limited Edition print depicting Günther Rall leading III JG 52 Squadron in April 1943 in the mountainous region of southern Russia. Each print carries the original signature in pencil of four Luftwaffe fighter pilots, three of whom have the Knight’s Cross.

Limited edition size – 800

Size: 34″ x 23″


General Günther Rall. Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves & Swords. He flew a total of 800 missions and was credited with 275 victories, making him the third highest scoring fighter ace in history. He mainly flew Me 109s, serving for several years with the famous JG 52. He went on to fly the high-altitude version with JG11 and commanded JG 300 in the final stages of the war. Post-war he became Chief of Staff of the German Air Force.

Oberleutnant Walter Wolfrum. Knight’s Cross & German Cross in Gold. Joined 5 / JG 22 in February 1943, which was commanded by the famous “Macky” Steinhoff, and was shot down 3 times and was wounded twice before his first victory. Later he commanded I / JG 52 and on the 30 May 1944, he had his most successful day claiming eleven victories. Walter flew 423 missions, had 137 victories, was wounded four times and had 12 crash landings.

Oberleutnant Franz Woidich. Knight’s Cross. Born in 1921. He was posted to II / JG 27 in July 1941 as an Oberfahnrich and claimed his first two victories in North Africa. In April 1942 he joined 3 / JG 52 in Russia and was awarded the Knight’s Cross after 80 victories before transferring in August 1944 to the Erganzungsstaffel to fly the ME 163 at Gutenfeld. He finished the war as Staffelkapitan with II / JG 400. He flew over 1000 missions and scored 110 victories.

Oberfeldwebel Warner Hohenberg. Iron Cross 1st & 2nd Class. He joined JG 52 in July 1942, flying with 8th Staffel, often together with Hartmann in 7/JG 52. On July 9, 1943 he was badly wounded when his aircraft was hit by Russian flak, causing him to be in hospital until November 1944. He was then posted to JG 2 “Richthofen” on the Western Front. On January 1, 1945 he took part in Operation “Bodenplatte”, and was again shot down, this time by U.S. flak. Landing behind British lines he was taken P.O.W. He flew over 200 combat missions, scoring 33 air victories.


Graeme LOTHIAN is based in the heart of ‘Battle of Britain’ countryside which has often provided the inspiration for the beautiful landscapes and cloudscapes he has been painting for the past 30 years. Having served in the British Army and airborne forces, Graeme has built up an extensive knowledge of military and historic aircraft which he decided to incorporate into his paintings some years ago after a chance meeting with ‘Johnnie Johnson’ at the Biggin Hill airshow. The hallmark of his work is his tremendous attention to fine detail, both in his aircraft and in his compositions as a whole.


Graeme Lothian





Bf 109


Luftwaffe, WW2