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By Mark Postlethwaite

The long war against the U-Boats was one of the most vital of WW2 and the Allies faced a serious foe in the crews of the U-boats. By 1943, with the introduction of the convoy system , improved radar and depth charges, aircraft such as the B-24 Liberator were sinking U-Boats at an alarming rate. In response to this the Luftwaffe began to use Ju 88c ‘heavy fighters’ in the Bay of Biscay and, immediately they had an effect. The Ju 88C was heavily armed and had the range to venture out and intercept any Allied planes posing a threat.

Mark Postlethwaite pays tribute to the close bond between the U-Boat crews and their Luftwaffe comrades ‘Kameraden’ as he depicts Ju 88C fighters of V/KG40 playfully ‘buzzing’ their U-Boat Kriegsmarine ‘kameraden’ in the Bay of Biscay.

The Signed and Numbered Edition

The Edition is signed by the Artist Mark Postlethwaite and countersigned by Two Junkers Ju 88 veterans and Two U-Boat Captains.

The signatories:

GERD KELBLING , Knight’s Cross.
Secretly trained as a Naval pilot (1933). Active service: Captain M89 (Minesweeper – sunk July 1940); Captain M6 (Korvett) Captain U-Boat 593 (‘Thistle’). Final rank: Lieutenant Commander. Author of “The Chronicle of U-593”

JURGEN OESTEN , Knight’s Cross.
Active service: Captain U-Boats 61, 106 and 861. Final rank: ‘Korvettenkapitan’.

STAHL Oberstleutnant Wilhelm ‘Peter’, German Cross in Gold.
He flew Junkers 88s with KG 30 ‘Diving Eagle’ and served also with KG 200, deployed on clandestine operations, flying over France, Britain, the Atlantic, Russia, the Mediterranean and North Africa. Author of several books including “The Diving Eagle”, “KG 200 – The True Story” and a book on gliding which was to become his passion in the post-war years.

RIEGEL Hauptmann Manfred, Iron Cross (First Class).
He served initially with JG 132 ‘Richthofen’, then JG 141. He went on to become Adjutant of ZG 76 Zerstorerstaffel which was equipped with the ME110 ‘Destroyer’. He later flew Junkers 88s with KG 30 and was awarded the Narvik Badge. He also served with NJG 2 and as Adjutant with NJG 1.
Matching numbered certificate of authenticity included.

Overall Print Size 32″ x 19″ (inches)

Printed in lightfast inks on acid free archival paper.


Mark Postlethwaite





Ju 88, Kriegsmarine


Luftwaffe, Maritime, WW2