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by Harri Harrison

An original pencil portrait of Squadron Leader Basil Gerald “Stapme” Stapleton, DFC.

“Stapme” Stapleton was a fighter ace who flew Spitfires and Typhoons during the Second World War. His score of 6 enemy aircraft destroyed, 2 shared destroyed, 8 probably destroyed and 2 damaged, all achieved on Spitfires during the Battle of Britain, made him one of the outstanding pilots of that battle. Without doubt he was one of the real ‘characters’ to survive the war and to many the quintessential image of a Battle of Britain fighter pilot, complete with handlebar moustache.

Note: This artwork will not be reproduced as prints, so you can be confident that you will own a unique drawing.

This stunning original pencil drawing is sold mounted and framed using conservation materials.

Please note, as this is a framed piece our normal post and packing charges do not apply. Please contact us for a shipping quote before purchase.


Harri Harrison


Original Pencil Drawings




Battle of Britain, RAF Fighter Command, WW2

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