Sir Arthur Harris – book and print portfolio

Part of Robert’s ‘Icons of Flight’ collection – a ground-breaking series dedicated to some of the most famous aviators of the First and Second World Wars 

In February 1942 Air Marshal Arthur ‘Bomber’ Harris was appointed the new Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief Bomber Command. Determined, single-minded, the current commander of 5 Group and a veteran airman who’d led a front-line squadron in the First World War, Harris’s task was to inject a new impetus into a bomber offensive that would shatter German industry – and morale. If he could achieve his objectives, Harris would ultimately become the architect and mastermind behind the RAF’s successful strategic bombing offensive against Germany. 

Robert Taylor has chosen Sir Arthur, a man he knew and met on several occasions, as the latest figure to feature in his ground- breaking Icons of Flightseries. Fortuitously Harris’s appointment coincided with the introduction of the mighty Avro Lancaster and it’s no surprise that Robert has depicted a Lancaster, which Harris later described as ‘the finest bomber of the war!’, to feature as the centrepiece of this memorable compilation in Operations On. This stunning new drawing echoes the famous painting originally commissioned and presented to Sir Arthur at the Bomber Command Reunion in 1982 and now regarded as an all-time classic in Robert’s extensive back-catalogue.

Beautifully matted alongside is a separate matching-numbered piece – a portrait of the famous man himself specially created by Robert for the occasion.